Thursday, December 17, 2015

  The year in review ,:
 December is a very busy month,  not a whole lot of time to sit and reflect.  But I did just want to post while I'm thinking about it :
 How have I embraced this year when I entered my 60th decade ?
 Embrace the decade has been my motto.   I have done three pretty amazing things (for me) this year.
 I already posted about finishing my first 5K. I don't know if I'll do any others but I did that one in under an hour which is amazing for me.
 Secondly I actually finished the manuscript for a book I have been dreaming of for many years.   Mom's Psalms is at the publisher and almost ready for publication.   I will keep you posted.
 Thirdly thanks to certain circumstances at Stephen's school I am now playing my guitar again for a weekly mass.   Due to some painful arthritis in my thumb I had  pretty much stopped playing my guitar.   But the need arose for a guitar player and I asked the Lord to heal me so that I could do this for the children.   Well it worked!  Even though I still have the arthritis I am able to play the guitar pain-free and make a difference for the wonderful special kids at St. Michael's.    And I really love playing and singing.   As the saying goes "he who sings prays twice"!
 Blessings for Merry Christmas and hopefully we all have a wonderful new year!
 Embracing the decade!

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